REPEATER EXAM FORM FILLUP HUN 7 - 17 FEBRUARY, 2022 (Harsatna nei chuan Office hunchhungin Technical Support ah Call tur)

Read the instructions provided in this page before filling up the form. If you have doubt after reading all the information, you may contact us in the support number(s) given below. Form i fill-up hma-in a hnuai ami hi chhiar hmasak ngei ngei tur a ni. Hriat tur zawng zawng chu tarlan a ni a; hriatthiam loh i la nei a nih chuan a hnuaia Support number ah zawhfiah theih a ni.

  1. Following are the information required to fill-up in Step 1. Form fill-up huna hriat ngai te:
    1. MZU registration number (Type A/F if you don't have registration no. Reg. no la nei lo tan A/F tiin ziah tur.)
    2. MZU roll number (in full)
    3. Full name (I hmingpum)
    4. Father's name (I pa hming)
    5. Date of birth (as per Aadhaar card)
    6. Mobile number
    7. Whatsapp number
    8. Email (Confirmation will be sent in your mail. I email ah confirmation i dawng ang)

  2. On Step 2 and 3, select course, semester and subjects opted for the exam.
    Step 2 leh 3 ah course, semester leh i exam tur subject te i thlang ang.
  3. On Step 4, review the information you entered and check if any mistake occurs; click on Continue to Payment to proceed to payment page.
    Step 4-ah i chhut luh zawng zawng ennawn na tur a lang ang; payment page a kal turin Continue to Payment ah khawih tur.
  4. You can use debit card, UPI(GPay, PhonePe, BHIM, etc..) and Wallets for online payments.
    Payment tih nan hian debit card, UPI, wallet te a hman theih vek a ni.
  5. After payment is completed, a confirmation message will appear on the screen. You will also receive confirmation mail from Regga Technologies. Payment i tih zawh hnuah, confirmation (receipt) a lo lang ang.
    Online payment tih nan hian Regga Technologies software hman a ni a, payment confirmation mail ah hian Regga Technologies hming a chuang ang.

(for Repeater)
Fee per paper Rs. 150.00
Grade card per semester* Rs. 210.00
Admit card per semester*Rs. 100.00
Centre fee Rs. 200.00
Convenience fee Rs. 10.00
Payment gateway charge2.00 %
GST 0.36 %
*Grade cards and Admit cards are issued separately for each semester.
  Grade card leh Admit card te hi semester tin tan a hrang vek.

  1. [EN] Do not refresh or press Back while transaction is processing.
    [MZ] Transaction tih laiin Refresh emaw Back emaw hmeh loh tur.

  2. [EN] After transaction is completed, you need to wait until final confirmation/receipt is displayed on the screen.
    [MZ] Transaction zawh hnuah receipt a lan hma chu nghah tur, Refresh emaw Back emaw hmeh loh tur.

  3. [EN] A confirmation is also sent to your email after payment is completed successfully. If confirmation receipt is not shown on the screen due to internet problem, you can check your email.
    [MZ] I bank atanga pawisa transfer a zawh veleh confirmation e-mail kan thawn nghal a. Internet lamah buaina i neih a, i screen-ah confirmation a lang lo a nih chuan i email ah i check thei.

  4. [EN] For card payment, please make sure your card is activated for online transaction. If your card has never been used for online transaction before, you may need to activate first.
    [MZ] Card hmanga pe tur tan: i ATM card kha online transaction atan i la hman ngai loh chuan activate phawt a ngai.

Technical Support: